light switchRepairs
Do your lights flicker or dim when your appliances turn on? How about when the Air or Heat turns on? This may not seem like a big problem but is truly indicative of a major problem within your home’s electrical system. Loose wires in the Main Panel or the Meter Base may need replaced.
240v power circuitInstallations
Upgrading appliances, installing a hot tub, how about a new tanning bed? Most of these items require a new and dedicated 240V circuit to provide power. Many of our hi-tech media and computers also require new lines or dedicated lines that are not shared throughout your house.

wall outlet

Dedicated outlets for your needs.
Do you run to much of one circuit, we can install additional outlets for your needs, electric car chargers, hobby, we can do it by the specs or your new equipment, by electrical code of your jurisdiction.
circuit panelElectrical Installation and Repair
As an electrical service company, we replace a variety of electrical wiring, fixtures and components. With all the newest in appliances and electronics, the old circuits in existing homes are unable to keep up with the demand.
Buying or selling a new home? We can do a thorough inspection of a home’s electrical system, from top to bottom, attic to crawl space, looking at areas other inspectors miss. Affinity Electric can find most, if not all problems, and correct them before they become an issue.

What We Ofer

Affinity Electric is proud to provide 100% quality satisfaction

Affinity Electric offers home owners, property owners and facility managers exceptional electrical services in Oregon and Washington State. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise – Affinity Electric has established a trusting relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime! Complete honesty is our policy! No ``hidden charges``. Affinity Electric will provide you an honest estimate for all routine electrical service work.

Call 971-400-5354 all your electrical needs.

You deserve top-notch service and attention when you place trust with an electrical contractor to perform a job. Because Affinity Electric is a locally owned independent electrical contractor, we do not answer to franchise owners, we cut the middle man out and focus on you and your specific electric issue. We are experienced, licensed, and professional electrical company providing superior skilled work in electrical service and repair. Our business success depends on your satisfaction, your referrals - not our sales force. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Services and products:
Air Conditioning
Amp Service & Upgrades
Cable Fault Locating
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Ceiling Fans
Circuit Breakers
Code Consulting
Code Violation Repairs
Commercial Services
Concealed Wiring
Control Panels
CT Cabinets
Data Wiring
Design Services
Electric Motors
Electrical Boxes
Electrical Service
Emergency Electrical & Lighting
Exhaust Fans
Fuse Boxes
Heat Tracing Systems
Heating & Air Conditioning Connections
Home Entertainment Systems
Indoor Lighting
Mobile Home Wiring
New Construction
Pool & Hot Tub Connections
Recessed Lighting
Residential Wiring
Security Lighting
Smoke Detectors
Sound Systems
Tenant Improvements
Warranties & Guarantees
Water Heaters


When you call Affinity Electric, we will schedule an appointment that is convenient for you


We guaranty our Workmanship for a period of 3 years

Flat Rate

Instead of charging by the hour, leaving the Homeowner confused, we will give you a price that will NOT change.


Affinity Electric, LLC licensed electrical service company in States Oregon and Washington.